Holocaust Conspiracy Theorist Potential Antisemite

Bob Watley, better known on Reddit as bobby1488, has been called out by the larger Reddit community for a history of allegedly dabbling in so-called “antisemitic hatespeech.” Apparently, he has, on occasion, been known to post political cartoons of depicting smirking, hook-nosed misers as the root of all evil, that sensitive reactionaries had deemed “unsavory” and “literal Nazi propaganda.” But are these accusations unfair, unreasonable, and alarmist? Yes.

Sure, Watley has associated himself with anti-Jewish terrorist organizations in the past, and has made comments about the typical wealth and greed accrued by the Jewish population, but these comments are simply taken out of context, he argues. He is simply aligning himself with other leftists, who support the Palestinian cause, and want to redistribute wealth to the masses. When I asked for one of his Palestinian friends to comment, he responded, “My Palestinian what??” Clearly, he does not simply consider the Palestinian people his friends and allies, but also his brothers, who share an intimate soul-bond incapable of expressing in mere words.

Antisemitism is a heavy accusation, that one, or an entire community of Jews, even, cannot wield without due thought and consideration. To be deemed a Jew-hater is to ruin one’s career– just look to working actor Mel Gibson, the late yet timeless and beloved children’s author Roald Dahl, or newly-elected state senator Julia Salazar– all alleged “antisemites” whose careers have been ruined by the fact.

Yes, Watley has questioned the very existence of the “holocaust.” Maybe the Jews just overexaggerated? They do, after all, like complaining loudly. Furthermore, we at Ramblr argue, is is not a core tenet of Jewish thought to question all that we are given? Is questioning this so-called “holocaust” that “murdered” “6 million” “Jews” not ultimate Jewish position to hold? If anything, Watley is honoring the Jewish scholars who came before him (who all died of natural causes, by the way). If anything, Watley is an honorary Jew.

EDIT: A so-called “victim” of Watley’s harassment who wishes to remain anonymous, so let’s call him Jacob Goldstein, has claimed that on multiple occasions Watley targeted his Twitter profile, leaving “racial slurs” in the comments of his tweets, calling him a “kike” and “globalist cuck” (whatever that means). He has reported his account to Twitter in the past, but since Goldstein is being a whiny bitch baby, Twitter has decided to ignore his little overreactions, and since his account currently remains active on both Reddit and Twitter, this holds no bearing on the conclusive evidence that Bob “bobby1488” Watley is not only definitively not an antisemite but also a profound ally to the Jewish community, and this smear campaign will not be tolerated.

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