Just How Strong is Jaws, Exactly?

Here at Ramblr, we harbor an unironic fondness for the James Bond franchise–– perhaps despite our better, feminist judgment. Whether it be an appreciation for the Bond girls, even if the film in which they appear is lackluster, or the ultimate Bond girl, Jaws.

Jaws, played by Richard Kiel, unlike many (seemingly) one-off Bond villains, appears in The Spy Who Loved Me, and more infamously, returns for Moonraker. Now, I watched Moonraker the other week, and there is no denying it’s a hot mess. I barely enjoyed it due to the incoherent editing and direction, and the lifeless, almost robotic acting that weakened the already-nonsensical script. (Looking at you Lois Chiles.) But there is one delightful, borderline-redeemable part of this clusterfuck of a movie, and that, of course, is our most beloved Jaws.

In a particularly inspired scene, Bond finds himself in a cable car with CIA agent and lifeless brick Dr. Holly Goodhead, when Jaws disrupts them by cutting one of the ropes connected to the cable car with his teeth.

We love an icon!

Now, of course, Jaws is established to have superhuman strength, especially in his, well, jaw. But because we’re a bunch of nerds, we were prompted to ask, “Just how strong is Jaws, exactly?” Well, now that we’ve actually gone out of our way to calculate it, you’ll never have to wonder again.

According to this study, The average [strength of the human jaw] of the thousand persons showed 171 pounds (760.6 Newtons) for the molar teeth and much less for bicuspids and incisors.” Concurrently, the typical mass of counterweight in a hanging cable car is 104,000 kilograms. 

That makes the tension force 1,019,200 N, which is roughly 1,340 times stronger than the average human jaw strength of 760 N. Jaws is at least 1,340 times stronger than the average human, particularly in his mandible. Well, he is called Jaws for a reason!

Oh, and I didn’t even get to mention the part directly after the cable car scene, where Jaws Finds Love.

This woman is somehow both 13 and 50 at the same time.

…That’s for another time.

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