It’s For Their Own Good

In the 1960s, the world’s population was a little over three-billion. In the past fifty years, this number has increased by double that amount. This is nothing short of a travesty. Indeed, the world has grown in inhabitants, while declining in resources. We breed with each other, for whatever reasons we may have, and damn the consequences. We decide that we need babies, need them to preserve our lineage, need them for labor, or simply for our prideful belief that the human we raise shall be the specialest baby there ever was. It is a biological imperative that has yet to fizzle, as our technology progresses infinitely rapider than our own evolutionary biology. Thus, only the truly evolved are those who choose not to be catalysts of breeding and therefore overpopulation. Thus, the only truly evolved are the homosexuals.

While the rabble of heterosexuality delineates a nuclear family structure with children trailing in their wake, waddling like ducklings walking to an unwitting slaughter as we inflict this world upon those whom we [supposedly] love the most, the homosexuals have elected a lifestyle incapable of such base degradation. They truly love the children of the earth, and decide to transcend the limitations of breeding incapacity by focusing on other pursuits: personal fulfillment, as their mothers would have wished for them. There is no use for having children in this day and age, it saps the life from you, but to improve oneself, a very own child of this earth, is a noble quest. It is more venerable to abstain from this nonsense; furthermore, it is the only logical and moral decision.

To bear child is to bring a human into a world: This is a big deal. It should no longer stand to be a shrug of the shoulders, to rejuvenate your marriage. It is an impacting decision, and should be treated as such. When you are all too privy to raising a child, without requiring your blood sweat and tears to do so, ingrates do we all become. To be part of a homosexual coupling that desires children is to fight for that child. In a heterosexual union, it is all too often a burden, not a blessing.

That is why I propose that we limit this staggering overpopulation by decreasing the number of heterosexuals, by whatever means necessary. They contribute nothing to society– less than nothing in fact, they detract from the technological erudition of the homosexual elite. If they refuse to denounce their sinful, selfish “heterosexual” proclivities, they shall be sent swiftly and without hesitation to the guillotine. It is the only way.

Not an actual guillotine, of course. We are not barbarians. If the only worthy human progress is scientific progress, we must think like scientists. Release a disease into the airwaves– or water supply– that only marks the primitive gene, and marks it for execution. In the span of a decade the degenerates shall be wiped out, swiftly and with little hassle. We shall have a cure ready in case of error on our parts, a penitent friend or coworker. And if this strain accidentally does not detect a bisexual, their own particular cure shall be administered. Naturally, the bisexuals can stay– as long as they solely couple in a homosexual union, and to not greedily give into their juvenile heterosexual inclinations.

Thusly, it is an imperative that we eradicate the heterosexual plague upon our society. They served their use through history, breeding the great artists of the world (homosexuals, by in large), but there is no longer any use for them. Before they saddle us with their extemporaneous, superfluous, and childish burdens, I must propose that we decree a ban on their immorality and corruption, before it becomes too late.

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Orianne spends her days loudly asserting her opinions at anyone who will listen. Thank God for the Internet.

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